Monday, March 2, 2009

i need to learn how to take better pictures of food. my pictures turn out yucky. i also need better lighting. hoepfully when joshs mom comes out she can get us a new lamp :]

i woke up late this morning. im lucky i had time a bowl of banana nut cheerios, light vanilla soy milk and fresh strawberries, for breakfast. next trip to the grocery store im going to pick up this peanut butter puffin cereal i keep seeing. looks yummy. well i booked out after breakfast and made it to first grade on time :] thank goodness im only there for 4 hours. after this semester, no more teacher assisting for me. its just not meant for me.

after work i rushed home to make lunch. before my couple hours of chemistry + lab. i whipped up and odd combination of a wrap.  its an italian & herb flat out, a can of chicken of the sea tuna, a hard boiled egg, a little bit of miracle whip, mashed avocado, and a bit of chunky salsa. sounds gross all together but i promise you its good!  i also got a chance to go over a couple of chapters that we were reviewing today.

it was the boyfriends turn to make dinner tonight since im usually pooped out on modays. he made some yummy shrimp scampi with a crescent roll. the shrimp was delicious. but the pasta was lacking a little taste. 
hope everyone had a good monday :]

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