Tuesday, March 3, 2009

it was overcast today. but still warm outside. i am loving this weather. i can finally wear spring dresses, shorts, and skirts! it makes me want to start running/working out again.. outside too! i am just to lazy and never have the motivation. but that changed today. i looked up some 5ks that are in a month and i have set a gaol. i did it back in november when i ran my first 5k on thanksgiving. i am sure i can do it again! but this time i want to keep up with it and not stop after i reached my goal. after a 5k i want to be able to do a 10k. and after a 10k i want to be able to do a half marathon. and hopefully after that i can one day do a marathon.. lol. im excited :]

breakfast was a bowl of banana nut cheerios with some cut up bananas and light vanilla soy milk. i think tomorrow i am going to try oatmeal. one of my friends keeps on raving about them i must try them now! i think im going to add mashed bananas and a few chocolate chips to mine! 

after first grade i stopped by the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make stuffed bell peppers. my mom was telling me about them a couple of nights ago and it sounded good. i have just recently became a bell pepper fan. so its nice to try it different recipes. mine was stuffed with brown  rice, ground turkey, corn, black beans, some salsa and cheddar cheese! and oh man was it satisfying! i would have eaten more if i wasn't so stuffed. sorry for the bad picture. again my food photo skills suck. hopefully they will improve. 

for dinner i steamed some carrots and chopped up some strawberries to go along with the lemon pepper chicken. its one of the boyfriends favorites. as you can see were lacking a bit in the veggie department. were both not a huge veggie fan. but im slowly trying to add more to my diet. 

after dinner josh was craving some mojo yogurt. he wanted to try another smoothie. this time he tried mojo oj, which stated like orange sherbet, and fresh strawberries. it actually tasted good. they had a new flavor i have never tried before. tart passion fruit bliss. it was very sweet. but maybe a little to sweet for me. but they ran out of it anyways. so i just stuck with the original tart. and luckily i got the last of it before they ran out :] i topped mine off with some fresh strawberries and kiwis! it was a yummy way to end the night!

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  1. thanks! oatmeal is amazing because you can add so many different things and get something different everyday! there have been a lot of breakfast cookies floating around on blogs so i'm gunna try that tomorrow! and i LOVE banana nut cheerios.. they taste exactly like banana bread! and good luck with the running!!