Wednesday, March 4, 2009

today started out bad. for some reason my phone alarm did not go off. so i got ready at superman speed, heated up some breakfast and dashed out the door to 1st grade. thankfully i was not late for that:] but of course i did have time to take some pictures!

this is a filipino pastry called ensaymada. its topped with some butter, then some grated cheese, and then sugar :] best when warmed up. i haven't had these since i was younger. but i found a red ribbon bakery in the outlets that opened up so i bought one. it was so yummy.

washed it down with some light vanilla soy milk in my 2008 new years cup. we had a toga party! and the boyfriends mom had these made as souvenirs! how cool is that!

lunch was a left over bell pepper from the other night. i sprinkled some tiger hot sauce over it and it was tasty! after lunch i went to target and picked up the jillian michaels 30 days shred dvd. ive been wanting to get it for awhile since i have been hearing some many raving reviews. so im going to join caitlin in the 30 day challenge! tomorrow will be day one for me :]

for snack was some grapes i picked up from trader joes. i froze the other half! so wednesday nights are my LOST nights. favorite show ever! since i missed last weeks episode, i waited to watch the replay tonight before the new episode. but omg abc went blank. they were having problems for just that channel. ok. ill just watch it on the computer and hopefully it will work again when the new show is on. 8pm rolls around. still blank. 8:15 still blank. i hate you abc. 8:25 it turns on!! but i missed the first half. and didn't want to watch the rest of the show. how lame is that. i bet a lot of people in the area were pissed.. lol

for dinner i made the boyfriend chicken and cheese enchiladas. i made a little twist one mine. kind of like a mexican pizza. i have a whole wheat tortilla in the bottom. then i have some shredded chicken, black beans, and corn in the middle. topped it off with another whole wheat tortilla, some enchilada sauce and cheddar cheese. and it turned out pretty good. i think next time tho ill leave off the top tortilla. 

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