Thursday, March 5, 2009

my favorite way to start the day. banana nut cheerios with slices of bananas and vanilla soy milk ^__^ i LOVE anything flavored with banana. today Meghann posted this baked banana doughnut recipe which looks delicious! it would be two time more yummy with nutella spread on top! i plan on baking this either saturday or sunday! 

so after first grade i came home and changed into my running outfit. its been a loooong time since i ran. thanksgiving to  be exact! i decided to go slow and do a walk/run on the north side of tempe town lake. i wanted to do a loop and go around the lake. but they were doing construction and i didnt know how to get onto the bridge.. lol. on saturday im going to go the other direction and hopefully i will find my way. but overall it was a good run.  afterwards i ate some lunch. i had some leftover stuffing from my bell peppers. so i heated that up and plopped an egg on top with a little but of tiger hot sauce. 

about an hour before dinner i did day 1 of the 30 day shred. and O M G. was it hard. i only had 5lb weights and i think i need to go down to 3lb weights. i could barley get my arms up after the first circuit >__<  so tomorrow i think i will stop by target. so overall i thought the dvd was good. i burned 214 calories. with this and the walking and running i did earlier im bound to be uber sore tomorrow! so for dinner we had another one of the boyfriends favorite. chicken caesar pitas. and of course its super easy. i have a whole wheat pita half, some trader joes hummus, caesar salad, and pieces of rotiserary chicken you buy at the market! it was filling. i had two halves. 

doesn't this look good!? its a trader joes chocolate lava cake and ben & jerrys vanilla ice cream. the boyfriend and i split. all you do is pop this baby in the oven for 15 minutes and out comes this chocolate gooey piece of love ;] and of course you need a side of ice cream!!

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