Saturday, March 7, 2009


friday = my free day. no first grade and no chemistry! loves it!!  i got to sleep in and it was lovely. i woke up around 10ish to bob [my cat] meowing for food :]  i guess he was so i fed him and then made myself a tropical smoothie. i used mixed fruit [mangos, raspberries and blueberries] from trader joes, some simply orange orange juice, a little light vanilla soy milk and a couple of ice cubes. it turned out delicious! but i think i need a new blender. mine did not blend so well :\ i had to keep stopping and shoving all the ice and fruit to the bottom.

for lunch the boyfriend took me to ra sushi. its been awhile since i have been there and i was so excited to go! its not the best sushi i have ever had. but its the best out here in arizona. i started off with some miso soup.

then it was my favorite roll from there. the crazy monkey roll ^__^ looks amazing doesn't it! inside was smoked salmon, mango, and cream cheese, and topped with avocado, red tempura bits and cashews and drizzled with mango and eel sauce! i asked them to go easy on the cream cheese but they didn't :[ so i poked them out of some of the sushi.. lol but it was amazing. 

after lunch the boyfriend and i headed to best buy to look at camera chargers. i lost mine and wanted to see how much a new one would cost at best buy. $40!! my camera was oldish so i didn't want to spend so much on a charger if i was going to buy a new camera soon. so i browsed at some of the cannons and sonys and decided to put off buying either and to do some research online. so in the meantime i get to use boyfriends cannon rebel xti and all his fun lenses! 

it was getting late and i was getting hungry. but i knew tonight we would be having a late dinner since the boyfriend has a water polo game and he usually does not like to eat before the game. so i made myself a snack. a half of a whole wheat pita with trader joes hummus, cut up bananas and some grapes :] it would hold me over for a couple of hours until dinner.

before i went to the water polo game i did day two of the 30 day shred dvd. i almost didn't want to since i was so sore yesterday from running + the dvd. but i didn't want to slack off. it was not as bad as yesterday. i got the 3lb weights and my muscles seemed to loosen up a bit during the workout. but then after the workout i was stiff again. i think at the end the stretching should be longer. so i think tomorrow after the dvd ill do some of the free 20 minute yoga classes from

so the boyfriend and his team lost their water polo game. but they played against navy and they are amazing. so after the game we came home and i baked some mahi mahi from trader joes and steamed some carrots. sadly we ate all the brown rice and all that was left was white rice. still good though. and those frozen mahi mahi from trader joes are amazing! i could seriously eat those everyday if i could! i forgot i had mango salsa from trader joes in the fridge. the mahi mahi tastes even better with some of that ontop!

i hope im not sore enough to go running tomorrow!! hope everyone had a good friday night :]

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