Saturday, March 7, 2009

today was just a crazy day. the boyfriend is the captan and president of the water polo team so he is running this whole tournament. well people who were supposed to help out and run the shot clocks and do the stat sheets didnt show up. so thats where i come in. he called me asking for help. so i got up quickly and drove over to the pool. every hour since 10am to 10pm there was a 45 minute game. i spent 12 long hours in the cold with only a 5-10 minute break.  the things i do for free for the boy that im in love with.. lol. 

they provided some snacks. i tried brothers-all-natural crisps. the fruit is freeze dried! they were pretty good.i had a lot of these little snacks. lol. strawberry banana, asian pear, and fuji apple. i think you can buy them at costco and whole foods. im going to look for them next time im at those stores.

for lunch someone brought sandwiches from jersey mikes subs. i had the mini turkey and provolone mikes way [lettuce, tomatoes, vinegar, oil and spices. but no onions] it was tasty. i forgot to take a picture of it. i was so hungry i ate it as soon
 as it was in front of me.. lol

the games finally end at 10pm. so the boyfriend and i quickly rush over to famous daves for dinner. we were STARVING. i ordered my favorite. bbq wings & buffalo wings :] along with corn on the cob, steak fries, baked beans and cornbread muffin . oh my gosh it was heaven on a plate. i only ate a couple of the fries and a bite of the baked beans. but polished off the rest. they have the BEST wings ever :]

i was kinda bummed i didn't get to run or do the 30 day shred. but after dinner it was already 11pm and i was dead tired. 

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