Sunday, March 8, 2009

i have to pictures today. they are stuck on the boyfriends camera which ran out of battery. and his charger went mia. now both of our chargers are gone. blah. today was a blur. i was needed to help at the tables for water polo. so i woke up at 7. had some peanut butter puffins with some cut up strawberries and light vanilla soy milk. someone brought cliff z bars for snacks. ive never had one so i quickly snatched two. i ate the brownie one which was delicious! the tournament finally ended at 5. and i was starving. i had no time to eat lunch :\ so i went to trader joes and safeway for groceries since we were empty. for tonight's dinner: flap meat marinated is yoshidas sauce, witch some brown rice, and sliced strawberries. 

i also did the 30 day shred dvd. its getting easier!  i had a little trouble when the cat and the ferret were thinking i was playing. i thought i was going to crush meeka while doing the jumping jacks.. lol i think next week ill try level 2 and see how it goes. 

i leave you with a picture of the my little fur balls

this is bob & flounder. bobs is my baby and is so spoiled. he also thinks he owns my apartment AND my parents house.. lol. he brings joy to my life.

this is meeka the ferret. my boyfriend and i brought her into our lives when we moved to arizona. she is our little trouble maker. stealing pens, wallets, cell phones.. anything she can drag away. and she a handful. but i love her :]

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  1. hi girl :) welcome to the blog world! thanks for the post! ah what cute pets! i've never really thought that ferrets were cute, but i loveee meeka! sooooo precious! and bob is so pretty :)