Monday, March 9, 2009

im not a fan of mondys :\ 

so i started off my morning with kashis creamy truly vanilla hot cereal. it was yummy. i also added some chopped up bananas. after i took the picture i mashed it up :] and then i was off to go tackle on little first graders!

afterwards i rushed home and went for my run. im starting on week 4 with the couch to 5k. and today was a pretty good run. im still kind of getting used to running outside by myself. im always scared somethings going to happen to me :\ im going to do some research on how to better prepare myself. im trying to figure out how to carry my iphone along with me. i worked out  for 42 minutes and burned 392 calories. i need to go on to see how far i actually run.  

when i got back from my run i made myself a yummy smoothie. i used mangolicious froze fruit from trader joes. its a blend of mangos, raspberries and blueberries. i also added a couple of fresh strawberries, some simply orange juice, a splash of light vanilla soy milk and a couple of ice cubes. easy and filling!

half way through my smoothie i made myself lunch. which was oh my good! i toasted a whole wheat pita, spread some trader joes hummus, added some honey ham, and cut up a small tomato. i kinda wished i used some of the avocado and spinach i totally forgot about. 

a couple hours after lunch i did day 5 of the 30 day shred. as soon as i started i got a massive headache. as much as i wanted to quite i didn't. i sweated to the end burning 175 calories. the only thing killing me are those lateral raises and the modified push ups. lol. my upper body is so weak! hopefully this video helps strengthens me!

for dinner the boyfriend grilled some hamburgers. it was so big i only ended up eating half of it. on my whole wheat bun i added some hummusspinach and tomato slices! and american cheese on the burger :] and on the side he cut up some kiwi and bananas.

well i got to do a little studying of the evil chemistry before i go to bed :] hope everyone had a good monday!  

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