Tuesday, March 10, 2009

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

oh em jee. this banana nut odwalla bar is freakin amazing!! i was so sad when i finished it. i wanted more! it kept me satisfied until lunch. i will defiantly be getting this again. maybe check out the other flavors. 

after first grade i came back home to have lunch before chemistry and my lab. i made a yummy wrap. inside the flat out was 2 egg whitesspinachavocado, garlic & herb laughing cow cheese, and a splash of tiger hot sauce.

after what seemed like forever in the wonderful world of chemistry, i stopped by best buy. i was just originally just going to buy a new charger for my camera since mine has gone mia. but then i got there and saw a good price for the super upgraded of my old camera. my old one was from 2005! so i treated myself to a canon powershot sd790 IS. im so excited :] 

my first picture was of my snack. vanilla yogurt and sliced kiwi. the yogurt was a little too sweet for me. im going to try and find a good/healthy yogurt. i see a lot of bloggers snacking on chobani yogurt. im going to look where to buy these and try them out sadly they dont sell them in the state of arizona :\ next time im in california ill try and look for some. i wonder what another good brand of yogurt is. maybe ill stop by whole foods tomorrow to see what they offer

the boyfriend cooked dinner again. we had trader joes mango sausage, with mango and papaya salsa on top. it was good. but im not a fan of sausage/hot dogs in general. and on the side were some steamed broccoli and cauliflower which are my favorite. 

i didn't do any fitness today. tuesday and thursdays im just so tired from work & school. i need to change my bad habits. i also need to figure out my what is up with my sleeping schedule. i go to bed around midnight. but i do not fall asleep until 3. i just lay there and nothing happens :[ and i usually wake up around 7:15. hopefully i can figure out something. it sucks when im so tired in the middle of the day!

well.. with that said. im off to bed!!

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  1. Hi Kristine!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Apples in sandwiches are GREAT..you should try it sometime!
    Love you wrap, too!