Thursday, March 12, 2009

"All it takes is all you got."
-- Marc Davis
 i woke up early enough for breakfast today! i cut up a banana and topped it off with valencia peanut butter with roasted flaxseeds from trader joes. and some delicious strawberries and a plum! it was very filling and yummy! then off to first grade i went.

after being attacked by little monsters for a couple hours,  a stopped by this massive whole foods. i picked up a salmon avocado roll with brown rice. also i picked up a couple of odwalla bars and yogurts.

woohoo!!! im now on spring break!!!! i took my chemistry mid term! i hope i get a good mark! i better. i have been studying and working my butt off in that class! 

i found chobani yogurt! i got the vanilla flavored one. so i had it some some puffin peanut butter puffs and a cut up plum. i am not too crazy about the greek yogurt. the texture, the after taste and smell. i wanted to love it but i just don't :\ so i am off to look for a healthier yogurt. 

i shredded it up again. i think im on day 6? i think tomorrow i will move onto level 2. tonight it was just too easy.

after my workout i made some dinner. salad with annies cucumber yogurt dressing. and then mahi mahi from trader joes [my favorite!] with some cut up bananas, kiwi, and plums. i just noticed i ate a lot of fruit today. 3 plums and 2 bananas. lol ooops!

i also ate a thin mint girl scout cookie and some simply orange juice with pom wonderful juice :]

im excited for tomorrow. the boyfriend and i are going to a dodgers spring training game! hopefully i dont pig out on bad food! 


  1. I love your breakfast - so cute!

  2. Haha I love that breakfast, what a great idea. And I'm totally craving sushi now. That looks SO good.

    Woohoo for Spring Break! Have fun relaaaxing.