Friday, March 13, 2009

"The long run is what puts the tiger in the cat."
        - Bill Squires

breakfast: banana waffles from trader joes, with some nutella spread on top.  along with a cut up banana and some strawberries. it was so good!!!

the boyfriend and i decided to go to a dodger spring training game. it took us an hour to find the stadium. it really only should have taken us 30 minutes! LOL but it was a beautiful day outside to watch some baseball :]

he wanted tacos, so i got tacos too. they ran out of pico de gallo and put cheese and sour cream on mine :\ it was really gross. i only ended up eating half of one and chucked the rest. $8 for dried out chicken tacos

we then proceeded onto some nacho grande! i ate like 1/3 of this. 

manny played! the dodgers won in the 9th. woohoo!!! 

the boyfriend and i got a special invitation from our apartment complex to move into the lake tower suites! we signed the papers today and should be moving next weekend! were so excited. its twice as big as our current apartment. and instead of a loft its two stories! and its looks out onto tempe lake! 

to celebrate we went to chillis bar & grill for dinner. i got the chicken fajita pita with the sauce on the side. it was yummy. but he forgot that i ordered broccoli instead of the fries. so i quickly scooped all the fries over to the boyfriends plate so i wouldn't be tempted.

here is my broccoli :] 

now im going watch old i love lucy episode on dvd!!

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  1. The dodgers game sounds fun! Your new apartment sounds amazing, wow 2 stories!