Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Good morning star shine, the earth says hello!! "
- Mr. Willy Wonka

oops i slept in until 11pm. i headed over to pool to watch the boyfriend finish up his last game he was refereeing.  then we walked over to extreme pita. i got a whole wheat pita stuffed with grilled chicken, lettuce, green bell pepper, cucumberlettuce, and tzatziki sauce. it was very filling. 

i spent the rest of the day going through the whole apartment, throwing out junk that has piled up. we have a walk through on monday. they want to make sure were not crazy people who destroy apartments.

i worked up quite an appetite. i didn't feel like cooking dinner again tonight. so we headed to san felipes cantina. they have the most delicious salsa ever which had chunky tomatoes, black beans and corn! i ate like half the chips.. lol

they also have some really good mahi mahi fish tacos! i cant believe i ate both tacos! but i enjoyed it. i didn't eat the black beans and rice though. they were icky.

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