Monday, March 16, 2009

" maybe things could change if you change your view"
- tribe called quest

i ate an odwalla banana nut bar. i was too hungry and forgot to take a picture :/ oops

i also chomped on leftover bbq chicken pizza from last night. i only ended up eating 2 and giving the boyfriend the last slice. 

i really didnt do anything all day. i kinda just bummed it on the sofa and watched NCIS and ellen.. lol i love doing nothing. as a snack i had a half of a whole wheat pita with some trader joes hummus. also i had some grapes. i ate half then froze the other half and snacked on them before dinner :] frozen grapes are amazingly good!

for dinner it was just cheese stuffed tortellini and marinara sauce with some shredded parmesan and a crescent roll. im so excited to be getting a dining table next week! right now we have no dining table. we eat on one small tv tray since the other one broke.. lol 

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